Scream (1996)


25 years after a streak of brutal murders shocked the quiet town of Woodsboro, Calif., a new killer dons the Ghostface mask and begins targeting a group of teenagers to resurrect secrets from the town’s deadly past.


High school student Casey Becker is home alone when she receives a phone call from an unknown person, during which they discuss horror films. The caller turns sadistic, harassing Casey and threatening her life. He reveals that her boyfriend Steve Orth is bound and gagged outside on her patio and demands she answer questions about horror films correctly in exchange for his survival. After Casey answers a question about Friday the 13th incorrectly, Steve is murdered in front of her. Refusing to answer any further questions, Casey attempts to escape, but is cornered by someone wearing a “Ghostface” costume, who kills her before her parents arrive home to find her disemboweled corpse hanging from a tree.

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